Our Business Model Rests on Three Pillars.

The first one is localization, which we believe to be the holy grail of customer-centricity in global markets. Our model is to create localized online stores to allow customers to transact in their local currency, among other conveniences.

The second pillar is to focus on product niches. We have achieved this by building a portfolio of brands that can be identified by specific product categories being sold under them.

The final pillar is the quality of products that we sell. We consciously avoid the bottom of the barrel and source the finest products from all over the globe.

What Next ?

Online retail will continue to be our focus area for the foreseeable future. We are self-funded and have grown profitably so far, while making considerable investments in both, technology and logistics to create a reliable operational backbone that all our online stores can share.

Significant diversification within the online retail space, coupled with our localized approach, gives us the advantage of minimizing the impact of any external risks, like socio-political changes in specific geographies or competitive threats from new entrants. This stability gives us the confidence to focus on growth from existing and new markets.

The Ask

While we have a comprehensive plan for continuing our journey of profit-backed growth, we are always seeking to learn from the experience of industry experts, and even adapt our plans to pursue interesting opportunities. If you are, or know someone who could be, a potential partner that brings such knowledge and expertise to the table, along with the financial resources to accelerate our growth, we are open to having such conversations.

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