For Investors

Handelnine Global was founded in 2019 as a lean startup and has recorded strong, consistent, profit-backed growth ever since, giving us the freedom and confidence to remain self-funded. Backed by strong business fundamentals, we are on an audacious growth trajectory.

Our success lies in our fast paced, experimental, and iterative approach for entering new markets and launching new brands at scale.

Our Growth Journey

We began our journey by analyzing data to identify unmet or poorly met demand in specific countries. We acted on this data to prioritize our ambitious list of launches.

As a lean, self-funded startup, we wanted to match our ambition with an efficient and calculated plan to enter markets strategically. We created a quick, low-cost experimentation framework to validate opportunities–and have continued with this approach ever since.

We Have Invested in Building Capabilities

We believe in building in-house capabilities to reduce external dependencies across all areas of our business.

Orders are managed at global scale through our network of fulfillment offices in cities like New York, Los Angeles, Mumbai and London. We handle cross-border logistics and doorstep deliveries in 60+ countries.

All our brands benefit from compounded strategic expertise, global sales and marketing capabilities, and a common pool of capital. This bedrock of ecommerce infrastructure is a product of significant investment and is being further strengthened through continuous experimentation and learning.

Our operations run on the backbone of our homegrown, continually evolving technology backend that adapts to growing business needs, enabling localized online storefronts, seamless supplier integrations, order fulfillment, and customer success.

The Keys to Our Growth

We are proud of the strong, profitable growth that Handelnine Global has exhibited and attribute this ongoing success to a unique method and mindset that is built into our culture.

Smart Market Entry

We leverage data to prioritise the markets we wish to enter andtest our hypotheses quickly using a sturdy technological framework. We are capable of accurately identifying the potential of a product niche in any market within weeks, which helps us to quickly decide whether to strengthen our presence or exit the market.

Compounding of Expertise

We have the capability of solving problems at scale by compounding expertise in business functions. We are able to build processes, frameworks and intelligence that is reusable within our system, which amplifies the pace at which we move.

Combine Speed with Efficiency

We have managed to move fast and expand our footprint across the globe, while building multiple online retail brands. Even with our speed of execution, we have maintained efficiencies across the board.

Why Invest In Us

The Handelnine Global team has built a profitable, nimble, efficient business from the ground-up. We have a talent for identifying risks and proactively building preventive measures, making us resilient in the face of every challenge we’ve come up against.

We plan to continue to grow our core house of brands, while also strengthening social commerce and new lucrative business models. While we have a comprehensive growth plan in place, we are always seeking to learn from the experience of industry experts who can help us to adapt our plans for interesting opportunities that arise.

If you’re a potential partner that brings such knowledge and expertise to the table we’d love to hear from you.