Careers at Handelnine Global

The Handelnine Global team enjoys an energetic mix of the autonomy, freedom and flexibility of a startup, balanced with the financial strength and stability of a mid-sized enterprise.

We are an equal opportunity employer with a diverse workforce that blends amazing talent from different nationalities, cultures, and backgrounds in a hybrid work environment. We value integrity and promote a work culture of mutual respect.

Life at Handelnine Global

Work from Anywhere

We believe in respecting boundaries while working remotely and understand that our people may not be camera-ready all the time.

Meritocratic Work Culture

We have an Open-Door Policy and welcome meaningful suggestions from all members of the team.

Strong Rewards For performance

We believe that excellent performance deserves a commensurate reward and offer a fantastic platform for personal and professional growth.

Upskilling Support

We encourage all our employees to get better at what they do and support their upskilling efforts through formal courses and on the job training.

What we believe in

Handelnine Global is a quick-moving company, driven by innovative thinking, accountability, and efficiency. Our guiding principles keep us on a clearly defined path to success.

Action Bias

We expect our team to always favour action over inaction. We avoid falling victim to overplanning or analysis paralysis and believe in identifying a feasible starting point and go-forward plan quickly.

Incremental Improvement

Borrowing from the Japanese concept of Kaizen, we believe in making small, continuous improvements in all business activities as well as in self-development of the team.

Solution Ownership

We believe in a culture of accountability and expect all team members to not just be solution-oriented, but also exhibit complete ownership of
their respective tasks or functions.

Iterative Experimentation

We promote a culture of data-driven decision making and value rapid testing over theoretical analysis. Our team breaks down major decisions into quick, small experiments so that we can course-correct early on.

Utmost Efficiency

A great deal of our success can be attributed to the philosophy of doing more with less. As a profit-backed venture, we believe in smart, efficient and judicious use of available resources, including time and capital.

Join The Team

We are in a hyper-growth phase and looking for like-minded people to join our team. By joining us, you get to work as part of a lean team with global exposure in a flexible and healthy work environment.