About Handelnine Global

Handelnine Global sources products from around the world and delivers directly to consumers via a proprietary logistics network, smart technology, targeted marketing, and a collection of unique brands that we launch from the ground-up. We’re a burgeoning house of brands undergoing a hyper-growth phase, entering new markets at breakneck speeds.


Our mission is to traverse geographic borders and fulfill consumer demand through innovative, localized ecommerce experiences.


To provide customers around the world with limitless variety and choice.

Our Journey

Handelnine Global was launched in 2019 with a goal to enter new markets quickly, test, and iterate just as quickly, creating a tradition of growth that is the cornerstone of our brand.


Handelnine Global is a diverse and quickly growing global team of innovative, ambitious, critical thinkers committed to building a world-class ecommerce company.

  • Adil Langoo Adil Langoo
  • Aditya Jadhav Aditya Jadhav
  • Aishwarya Karandikar Aishwarya Karandikar
  • Akansha Sharma Akansha Sharma
  • Akash Das Akash Das
  • Akshay Salve Akshay Salve
  • Alvaro Hernandez Alvaro Hernandez
  • Andrii Chekanovskyi Andrii Chekanovskyi
  • Anjali Mankoji Anjali Mankoji
  • Anju Francis Anju Francis
  • Ankit Mota Ankit Mota
  • Ankita Kuiri Ankita Kuiri
  • Anubhav Nagaich Anubhav Nagaich
  • Apoorva Kavitkar Apoorva Kavitkar
  • Apurva Chavan Apurva Chavan
  • Artem Slatin Artem Slatin
  • Artem Storozhuk Artem Storozhuk
  • Ashima Galhotra Ashima Galhotra
  • Bhagyalaxmi Nayakar Bhagyalaxmi Nayakar
  • Chaithra Acharya Chaithra Acharya
  • Chitra Sharma Chitra Sharma
  • Deandra Deandra
  • Deanna Deanna
  • Denis Savchuk Denis Savchuk
  • Donvio D_Souza Donvio D_Souza
  • Harsha Tadse Harsha Tadse
  • Hetvi Shah Hetvi Shah
  • Hiren Hiren
  • Jim Mora Jim Mora
  • Julian Carrico Julian Carrico
  • Jyoti Deshmae Jyoti Deshmae
  • Laiba Shaikh Laiba Shaikh
  • Lavina Fernandes Lavina Fernandes
  • Leena Deshpande Leena Deshpande
  • Mayur Jhore Mayur Jhore
  • Mohammed Habeel Mohammed Habeel
  • Nikhil Modhave Nikhil Modhave
  • Nivesh Jain Nivesh Jain
  • Omkar Sanas Omkar Sanas
  • Pavlo Leontiev Pavlo Leontiev
  • Pradeep Sasane Pradeep Sasane
  • Preeti Chaturvedi Preeti Chaturvedi
  • Rajubabu Khatmani Rajubabu Khatmani
  • Roja Vemula Roja Vemula
  • Roxolana Marusiak Roxolana Marusiak
  • Rupal Gaikwad Rupal Gaikwad
  • Rupesh Salvi Rupesh Salvi
  • Salman Sheikh Salman Sheikh
  • Sandeep Singh Sandeep Singh
  • Sanjna Kumari Sanjna Kumari
  • Sarika Kumari Sarika Kumari
  • Shubham Deshmukh Shubham Deshmukh
  • Steffi Mathews Steffi Mathews
  • Sumit Shah Sumit Shah
  • Sundeep Mallipudi Sundeep Mallipudi
  • Swapnil Patel Swapnil Patel
  • Tejaswi Vijinigiri Tejaswi Vijinigiri
  • Vaishnavi Mendhi Vaishnavi Mendhi
  • Vidisha Bhoyar Vidisha Bhoyar
  • Vishva Sanghavi Vishva Sanghavi
  • Wavell Rodrigues Wavell Rodrigues
  • Yurii Polishchuk Yurii Polishchuk
  • Zarina Khatoon Zarina Khatoon
  • You? You?