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Handelnine Global is an ecommerce company that operates localized online retail stores in over 30 countries. With a growing portfolio of brands, each catering to a niche market segment, we are launching new stores and entering new markets at breakneck speed. Our global operations are supported by sourcing hubs, fulfilment offices and contact centers in major cities around the world.

About us

We are an online retail company that has been bridging geographies and connecting demand in one corner of the world to supply in another. We are already serving demand in over 30 countries and our vision is to expand and cover every geography where people shop online. Our customers shop from localized online stores built around product niches and we manage the entire logistical aspect of delivering the product to their doorstep. Our focus has been on enriching the customer experience, both before and after they place an order.

Our journey began with selling on marketplaces like Amazon. As we attempted to enrich the shopping experience of our customers, we started experimenting with setting-up our own online stores in order to exercise complete autonomy on store design and overall customer experience. Today, we are able to offer a localized customer experience in multiple markets across the globe and continue launching in new geographies as well as new stores in existing geographies.

We attribute our rapid pace of growth to our capability of harnessing the power of technology and automation and reducing human dependence. We have embraced technology in a big way and applied it to all business functions, be it operations, logistics, marketing, customer support or finance.

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